Good Business with Clay Vaughan

Even Chick-Fil-A Needs a Coach with Elise Griffin

May 11, 2022 Clay Vaughan Season 1 Episode 11
Good Business with Clay Vaughan
Even Chick-Fil-A Needs a Coach with Elise Griffin
Show Notes

If any service company has its act together, it's Chick-Fil-A. Their processes are pristine and their product has been marketed so well that many Bible-believing Christians will adamantly proclaim that the food comes "pre-blessed". But even this massively successful company that Truett Cathy built with such fervor still needs support. And that's where it's business and leadership coaching comes in. That program is called Trevero. 

The most successful leaders are the ones who realize they aren't perfect. And Trevero is the group to coach the future franchise owners. I had the privilege to begin working with Elise Griffin and the rest of the amazing team at Trevero several years ago as I helped them clarify their message and relaunch their web presence. I learned so much that I'm on track to put my own leadership teams through executive coaching as well. 

In this episode, we focus on the value of investing in yourself as a leader and how you are never too experienced or too qualified to grow. Chick-Fil-A franchise owners are some of the most respected leaders in business and if they can grow through a good coaching program, you can too.

Main things we'll be talking about: 

- Why business coaching isn't therapy
- Your leadership blind spots and how to identify them
- When you have accountability, your P&L will be healthy

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